A natural tradition

Approved by the planet. For 45 years.

Among the Dolomites, we have been creating ecobio cosmetics and detergents for home and body cleaning since 1974. In this way we are sure to respect people and the environment.


Care for people’s well-being and respect for the environment, for us, are not a fad. They are the fixed point that has always guided us. This is why we create ecobio compatible detergents, cleaners and cleaning and body care products. We’ve been doing this since the 1970s, when the concept of ecobio began to spread in Europe. Since then we have grown without failing in our principles. Only in this way can we be sure that we live among the people of this earth with the respect they deserve.

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If there’s a stone to represent all our lines, it’s because we’ve encapsulated the power and wisdom of the earth in our ecobio products. Enter and discover the secrets of these precious allies for the care of your body, your home, your laundry, your garden and your dishes.

Household care

Take care of laundry, dishwashing and all surfaces in your home with safe and certified products that respect nature and your well-being.

Personal care

For your skin only the most delicate and effective detergents and cosmetics, made with raw materials of vegetable origin and active ingredients from organic farming.

A natural tradition

Almacabio is not only a company, it is also a great love story with our planet. The first brick was laid a long time ago and it is the result of an ambitious will, of a dream, that of our founder Bruno Torresan.

His vision, faithfully handed down until today, has allowed Almacabio to become a solid reality, in continuous evolution and in full harmony with the environment. The technical innovation and the skills of Almacabio’s researchers have allowed us to successfully create products that love the planet just like we do, from the first Marseille soap to the modern household detergents.

A nature-based approach.

To be really organic means to respect the planet and to feel the responsibility of leaving to our children a better world. For this reason Almacabio produces detergents and cleansers for the house and the body, strictly following all the criteria of ecobiocompatibility, eliminating polluting, petrochemical and carcinogenic components that damage the body and the environment. Almacabio’s quality and certifications have no secrets.


We were the first company to adopt the innovative disciplinary Bio C.E.Q. that, in addition to certifying the absence of any additive of animal origin, imposes strict controls on the quality and efficacy of the ecobiocompatible components of the products.

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It's worthwhile to get to the bottom of it.

Almacabio offers you precious allies for the care of your body and your home, with a constant search for balance and raw materials of natural origin to ensure the highest degree of ecobiocompatibility.

An ambitious, strong and reliable philosophy, just like our product lines that take their name from the naturalness and strength of the stones hidden in the heart of the Earth, guaranteeing complete protection and respect for the environment.


Putting more concentrated products on the market means greater efficiency and lower cost.


Compared to traditional detergents and other eco-biocompatible products, the saving is in the wash: the same cleaning power with a smaller quantity of product.


Almacabio's special formulation makes its products extremely effective against stains and odours. Performance is verified with qualitative laboratory tests.


Recycled and uncontaminated plastic: all containers are manufactured re-using waste materials.


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