EcoBio products for household cleaning and body care

Attention to the welfare of people and respect for the environment, for us, are not about fashion. They are the cornerstone that guides us all along. This is why we create Eco-Bio-compatible detergents, cleaners, and products for cleaning and body care. We have been doing it since the ’70s, when the EcoBio concept began to spread in Europe. Since then, we have grown without failing in our principles. Only in this way, we have the certainty of living among people of this land with the respect they deserve.


ACQUAMARINE - Laundry line

The Almacabio laundry line takes its name and its strength from the aquamarine


EMERALD - Crockery line

The Almacabio tableware line takes its name and its strength from the emerald


TORMALINE - Body Care Line

The body care line takes its name ad its strength from the tourmaline


AMBER - Home line

The Almacabio household line takes its name and its strength from the Amber


AGATE - Garden line

The Almacabio garden line takes its name and its strength from the agate

Discover the secrets of Almacabio lines

If there is a stone to represent all our lines, it is because in our products, we have enclosed the power and wisdom of the earth. Come in and discover the secrets of these valuable allies for the care of your body, your home, your laundry, your garden, and your dishes.


Got a question about some product? Cannot find it on the shelves of your favorite store? Or just curious about how we create cleansing products in harmony with the planet? Our customer support is available to answer all your questions.



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