Almacabio Srl explains on this page how it processes the data of the users who visit its website and how the cookies installed on this website function.
According to Art. 13 2016/679 (EU General Data Protection Regulation, European Union regulation harmonizing the rules governing the processing of personal data), these data protection provisions are in accordance with Recommendation No. 2/2001 of the Working Group pursuant to Art. 29 and the General Order of the DPA on Cookies No 229 of 8 May 2014.
The following information applies exclusively to the websites and The Data Controller is not responsible for the data and cookies inserted or installed by third-party websites that may be consulted via links.

Purpose of data processing and mandatory information

Almacabio Srl processes the data voluntarily provided by the user by means of the forms available on the website (contact, careers, subscribing to the newsletter, registering for the password-protected area, etc.) exclusively to answer your request. For further purposes (for example, but not exclusively marketing or disclosure of your data to companies with whom we maintain a partnership for the purpose of their marketing), we expressly ask you to provide your express, voluntary and separate consent, with the exception of your consent that you give to answer your inquiries.
The specification of the data and the consent in their processing are necessary in order to be able to process your inquiries. Consent to processing for other purposes is voluntary.
On the other hand, regarding the data collected by our website through the use of cookies, we refer you to the corresponding section (“Cookies on our website”).

Processing modalities, automatic decision-making processes and retention periods of the data

Your data is processed electronically, even if potential processing on paper is not excluded. Automatic decision-making processes are not used to process your personal data.
The personal data relating to you collected via the forms on our website will be kept for the period strictly necessary to process your requests. If the data needs to be stored longer according to another legal provision, we will comply with the relevant requirements. The data collected via cookies are kept for the period specified for each individual cookie.

Communication, dissemination and dissemination of data to third countries or international organizations

Your data will not be communicated or passed on without your express, voluntary consent to third parties who are not Almacabio srl. The data you provide will not be transmitted to third countries or international organizations outside the EU.

Rights of the data subject and complaint to the Data Protection Authority .You have the right to request access to the data concerning you, its modification, completion or deletion at any time and, for legitimate reasons, to oppose or demand that it be processed is restricted. In addition, you are entitled to request the transfer of the relevant data to another person responsible. We will answer your request in writing within 30 days. You may revoke the consent you have given on this website at any time. For this purpose, please contact one of the addresses listed in the section entitled “Information on the person responsible and the data protection officer”. You also have the option of filing a complaint with the government regulator if you believe that your data has been processed unlawfully.
Information about the person responsible. Responsible for the processing is the Almacabio Srl, based in Bolzano, Josef Ressel Street 2 / F.
In order to use the rights provided for in the legislation and listed above, it is possible to contact the person in charge at the registered office or by telephone at 0471/501 138 or in writing at


Navigation data

This website implicitly collects, through the use of Internet communication protocols for and during normal operation, some personal information of the users accessing the website, such as IP address, domain name of the computers used by users to access the website, MAC addresses provided by the manufacturer the network cards are assigned, WLAN etc.
This information is not collected to identify the users, but this could be the case through links as well as through cross-processing with third-party data. From this data, statistical information about the use of the website and its functioning as well as other information in the determination of liability for cybercrime is obtained.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store user-visited websites on their device. These records are sent back to the website that posted them when they visit the user again. When the user navigates through the website and also receives cookies transmitted by other websites or web servers, this is referred to as third-party cookies.
Cookies are stored for various reasons. This includes the ability to perform computerized authentication, monitor the navigation sessions, select the language.

First and third party cookies

The cookies that are stored directly by Almacabio GmbH are “first-party cookies” or first-party cookies. However, the cookies that are stored and collected by a website other than the website on which the user navigates are referred to as “third-party cookies” or third-party cookies.
Third party cookies include social buttons (or social plug-ins) that allow the site to interact with the most popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., or Google Analytics cookies and cookies those necessary to implement Youtube frames, etc. As for the third party cookies, the third party providers to whom these cookies refer are responsible for providing the privacy notice and the information about the management of the collected data.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are usually installed directly by the website operator and enable communication between the website and the user. These may be navigation or session cookies that provide normal navigation and use of the website. These are usually stored for the duration of the navigation on the website. In addition, there are feature cookies that allow better use of the site, such as those for choosing the language of the site, adding selected items to the cart, and so on.
Because these cookies are essential to the functioning of the website, no prior consent is required to store them on the user’s device.

Analysis cookies
These are cookies that can be used to collect information about users in a more or less aggregated form, such as the number of users visiting the website or the site’s visit modalities. One of the best known tools for producing these statistical reports is Google Analytics, a service of Google Inc.
Analytics cookies can be equated with technical cookies if the information is aggregated and there is no way to identify the habits of individual users. In particular, as far as the Google Analytics cookies are concerned, it is at least in part necessary to convert the IP address of the user who visits the website into an anonymous form and to eliminate the transfer of the data via Google. If such an anonymous form of conversion and the prevention of disclosure are not possible, these cookies are included in the profiling cookies.

Profiling cookies
These cookies are used to record a user’s preferences and submit advertising messages based on the insights gained. These cookies are particularly invasive and must be obtained before they are stored on the user’s device.

Banner on first access

According to the Data Protection Authority’s decision of 8 May 2014, when using cookies that are not technical cookies, the first time the user accesses the website, a banner (abbreviated as short notice) must be set up, which briefly summarizes how the Website with cookies and contains a reference to the extended privacy policy.
The Almacabio has set up the above banner. When the user clicks “OK / I accept”, he accepts that the cookies will be deposited and can continue to use the website. In addition, a special cookie was provided, which affects the user’s choice regarding the installation of cookies: This means that the user only sees the cookie once. If he wishes to change his choice at a later date, he must follow the instructions in “Instructions for disabling cookies”.



Overview of the cookies installed by Almacabio

Cookie name Duration Function
_gat 1 minute Technical cookie (Google Analytics)
_gid 24 hours Technical cookie (Google Analytics)
_ga 2 years Technical cookie (Google Analytics)
Cookie_notice_accepted 7 months Save cookie box acceptance

Cookie name Duration Function
PHPSESSID 1 minute Technical cookie
PrestaShop-09809b3a649412a68845687d22779ff1 10 days Technical cookie



Instructions for disabling cookies

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