For some time we have been using a new logo. It’s just the first of several changes applied to our image.

In these months, indeed, we’ve started a process of redesign of our brand and our products.

It is not the first time that we change our look, indeed we’ve been in the market since 1974, but this time we’ve chosen a more radical change. It was a long time that we hadn’t updated our image and it was really necessary to adapt to the era we live in. But, obviously, without losing our identity.

Not an easy task – a delicate operation called rebranding in slang, that we have entrusted to Genetica, a marketing agency we collaborate with.

Together with the designers of Genetica, we started from our original logo. We did not want to confuse our customers by a too bold change, so we’ve done nothing but expand it in order to insert the new corporate claim: earth living.

Also this one is a novelty that we have developed together with Genetica. This phrase, indeed, encloses our commitment to pursuing a business model sustainable for the planet and responsible towards people.

In addition to the shape and claim, the logo colors have been changed as well. The old Almacabio blue has been eliminated and only green and white have remained.

That born from this work is a flexible and effective logo that reflects us in all contexts. What do you think? Do you like our new logo?

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