Bathroom/Toilet Cleaner & Descaler - 750 ml


Quickly and effectively descales the toilet, leaving surfaces clean and sanitised. Regular use prevents the build-up of deposits, cleaning thoroughly and preventing bad odours from lingering. The product also forms a protective layer to prevent further build-up.
  • Sanitises and eliminates odours
  • Removes all limescale residue
  • Prevents the build-up of limescale and deposits

Bathroom/Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

Its particular consistency allows for effective action also on vertical surfaces. Removes soap scum and the cloudiness caused by the build-up of limescale. Ideal for bathroom fixtures, sinks, stainless steel surfaces, tiles, ceramic and glass. Eliminates odours, sanitises and prevents limescale build-up. All surfactants and solvents, easily, quickly and completely biodegradable, are exclusively plant-based. All ingredients are permissible, eco-friendly and biocompatible in accordance with Bio C.E.Q. guidelines.

Does not contain

phosphorus, phosphates, enzymes, preserving agents, ingredients of animal origin, allergens to report under Regulation EC no. 648/2004.

Chemical composition

(Regulation EC no. 648/2004): 5-15%: citric acid (microbial culture); < 5%: anionic & nonionic surfactants (coconut oil), lactic acid (microbial culture), bioethanol (microbial culture), perfume.