Germs and bacteria start to spread as soon as we stop cleaning the toilet and, like the small aliens from the cult video game Space Invaders fall over the bath threatening our health. To defeat them you need the right method, the right product and some small tricks. We have tried them all and here are the most effective ones.

Clean your toilet with our toilet cleaner

The Almacabio toilet cleaner has everything it takes to win the battle against germs and bacteria. Its anti-bacterial formula helps to eliminate the cause of malodors and prevents limescale build-up.

Do not use the same sponge for everything

Although this may sound obvious, it is very important to use different sponges to clean the shower, mirrors, sink and toilet in order to prevent cross-contamination. It is a small step for you, but a big one in the fight against the germs.

Keep an eye on the toilet brush

It might be disgusting, but it is necessary: no matter how clean is your toilet bowl, your toilet brush needs to be clean as well, otherwise the fight against germs and bacteria is hopeless. Clean the brush regularly and use an antibacterial agent to prevent your enemies from becoming permanently lodged.

Let the toilet cleaner work

Once your toilet has been cleaned to perfection, a simple trick helps you to enjoy even more cleanliness. It is sufficient to let soak a small amount of the Almacabio toilet cleaner for a few hours in the toilet bowl and then flush it only. This prevents stains and limescale deposits.

Fight the bad odors

If the anti-odor effect of our toilet cleaning product is not enough, a little trick to combat unpleasant odors could be to pour sodium bicarbonate in the toilet once a week. If even this measure proves to be insufficient, you can always use a few drops of essential oil.

And you? Do you have any special tricks when it comes to toilet cleaning?

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