You know that: You clean the windows, you are satisfied with yourself until … yes, until you step back and see the streaks that run across the windows. Clean windows are something that contributes to our well-being. They guarantee a clear view outside, enough light in our rooms – we need all this to make us feel comfortable. That’s why we show you five tips on how to professionally clean your windows.

Choose the right moment to cleaning windows

It may sound silly, but the right moment in the day is crucial for the result when cleaning the windows. The best thing is to do the cleaning in the evening or when the sun does not hit the windows. Cloudy sky is the perfect weather to clean the windows.

Choose the cleaning tools carefully

Also for cleaning the windows there are tools that work better than others.Forget the sponge, the best way to clean windows is with a fine brush or a cloth to remove the heavy dirt. Then a window brush and finally – to dry – a microfiber cloth.

Clean with newspaper

Once read, one could think the newspaper is worthless. Not at all! To dry the cleaned windows, newspaper is ideal. So if you do not have a microfiber cloth, take yesterday’s paper and we guarantee you streak free windows. Avoid though rubbing the window frame or the floor with newspaper and stick to the glass to prevent ink marks.

Get ready for cleaning windows

No, we do not mean mentally. You also do not have to exercise. Rather, it is useful to organize the space around the window to be cleaned in such a way that you do not stumble over anything, spill anything nor let anything fall out of the window. To protect the floor under the window from water droplets, you can lay out newspaper, some cloth or a cardboard box.

Use the right cleaning products

Once you have chosen the right moment and have got the necessary tools at hand, you should also waste a thought to the right cleaning agent. Our glass cleaning spray is designed to clean windows and smooth surfaces. Here too we can guarantee clean and streak free windows.


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  • Ashley Moore says:

    Awesome tips for cleaning windows! I have many windows at our house and these are very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, I found it interesting when you explained that the best time of the day to clean windows is during the evenings. The windows on the top floor of my home are covered in dirt at the moment, but I don’t have a ladder to reach them with. I would think that it would probably be best for me to hire a cleaning service to help me with this project.

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