The dishwasher makes our life undoubtedly easier, but only if it does what it needs to do: clean the dishes. You should not blame only the machine, if that is not the case. It is important to know how to load the dishwasher properly otherwise you will not be happy with the result.

Especially if you do not pay particular attention when choosing the products – the right dishwasher detergent, the right dishwasher salt and an efficient rinse-aid. Good to know that Almacabio has them all, in case of need, you find them in our online shop.

Let’s continue with the tips for loading the dishwasher professionally.

No leftover food

Many dish-washer producers claim that there is no need to pre-wash or rinse dishes before putting them it the dishwasher. However, if you rinse or remove at least the food leftovers not only you get a better washing result, but also a longer life of your machine. Especially when it comes to oily or greasy food residues.

Do not overload it

After you have rinsed the food leftovers from the dishes, you can start loading the dishwasher. You want to maximise the load, but do not overload it – it is the worst thing you can do for dishwasher performance.

Glasses upper rack, plates lower rack

The third golden rule of dishwasher loading has to do with a correct distribution of weight. Put heavy plates on the lower rack because the lower basket is more robust and also the flushing performance is better there. Put the glasses on the upper rack. They do not weigh much and are usually not as dirty as the plates.

Following these easy tips, you will have clean, sparkling dishes. Tell us what is your secret to loading the dishwasher best – leave us a comment or write on our Facebook page!

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