Most of us would probably do a lot to avoid washing dishes by hand. It is not for nothing that dish washing occupies regularly one of the last places on the hit lists of the most popular chores. Like elsewhere, there are some exceptions even here, people who have turned the dishwashing by hand into an art – something between technical skill and existential philosophy.

Let’s start with the basics: to wash dishes by hand takes a lot of patience, good will and the right method. And it takes time. This is what fascinates people who love dishwashing: when you wash the dishes, you can switch off, can think away the stressful daily routine, rely on automatisms and let your mind wander. It can come close to a meditation.

In order for Zen dishwashing to really work, every movement has to fit, the technology and the result have to be right. This means, first of all, that everything has to be rinsed with water in a first step, so that food, oil and fat residues are roughly eliminated. Only then you can fill the sink with warm water and make each plate, each glass, each piece of cutlery individually – starting with the least dirty.

Why this? Quite simple: If you first take the less dirty dishes, the rinse water stays clean longer, so you have to change it less often and save water. By the way, the best way to do this is with a soft sponge, which will carefully remove all dirt and grease residues without leaving streaks. Once dirt and streaks have dried up, they can hardly be removed.

What remains then is to rinse the dishes with clear water and let them air dry. If you have enough time, you can also dry the dishes with a clean and soft cloth.

Of course, the right dishwashing detergent will help you with all this. Our liquid detergent, for example, is specially designed for manual rinsing, is available in different sizes and has a special, extremely concentrated formula. With little detergent you can wash a whole bunch of dishes.

The only question we still have is: what tricks do you use when washing dishes by hand?

Wash dishes by hand

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