Hand on heart: Have you ever opened your washing machine and no longer recognized your wool sweater? Three sizes smaller and hard? We know how you felt about it. To spare you more unpleasant experiences of this kind we have some tips on how to wash wool in washing machine without ruining it. By the way: To read the tips is no shame. Wool washing is a tricky business even experts might fail at.

Use wool detergent

Who wants to wash wool, should forget to use a normal detergent. A specific wool detergent is a must. Only these special detergents – our Angora & Cashmere, for example – protect wool fibers and maintain their elasticity and smoothness.

Select the wool cycle

Older washing machines hardly do, but the newer ones all have their own wool cycle. Wool fibers are extremely sensitive, a “normal” washing cycle will do them lasting damage. Believe us.

Forget the spin cycle

Put minimum load in the washing machine when washing wool garments and also skip the spin cycle. If you can not do it for some reason, reduce at least the spin speed. After the wash, remove your wool garments from the drum, roll them into a towel and squeeze out the excess water. It’s that easy.

Wash with common sense

Good tips or not, basically one is enough: Use your common sense when washing wool.

Following these tips mistakes that ruin your woolens are barely possible. You will see.

Wash wool in the washing machine

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