The history of the brand Almacabio

We’ve been promoting a lifestyle
in harmony with the planet, since 1974

If nowadays we are a company capable of combining its success with a heartfelt responsibility towards people and the environment, we owe it to our history, that is deeply rooted in one of the most important utopias of the twentieth century.

The ecological revolution

In our work, we daily pay maximum attention to the persons and give our infinite care to the planet. This is why we decided to be the protagonists of the ecological revolution from its first day.

1974 - Birth of the first eco-friendly detergent

In Ulm, a small town of Baden-Württemberg, students of the local university decide to occupy the land destined for a nuclear power plant. They want to impede the project, to slow it down as much as possible. After six months of mobilizations, the nuclear power plant project is canceled.

The struggle involves also Alfred, Marga and Carin. They are keen students of chemistry, design, and economics. They share one desire – to leave a positive mark in the world they live in.

They decide to produce eco-friendly detergents. They make them with castile soap flakes, active oxygen (sodium per-carbonate), and essential oils. As a name, they choose Almacabio, joining suffix -bio to their initials.

These are innovative products for the time. Detergents, harmless to the environment, do not exist yet.

The three friends work in a warehouse. They use a 100 liter mixer which they fill by hand. They use polyethylene bottles as containers, and their first customers are friends and acquaintances.

For the world of detergents, it is a small revolution.

1982 - Hedera Natur brings Almacabio to Italy

After a lifetime of designing software, the South Tyrolean entrepreneur Torresan Bruno founds the Hedera Natur company – one of the first, that markets and distributes organic products in Italy.

The meeting with Almacabio takes place in Basel, during one of the first trade fairs in the industry. It is here that Torresan discovers products of the German company, immediately sensing its potential.

The ’80s in Italy, are the prehistory of the organic. In fact, the market does not exist, and yet, the Almacabio products immediately get a very positive feedback. It is the products themselves to meet a desire and to give shape to an unexpressed need.

1994 - Almacabio moves to Italy

Bruno Torresan acquires Almacabio from its German owners and transfers the production to Italy, where the brand is having more and more success. Within two years, the Almacabio products and brand become permanent leaders in Italy.

1995 - Italian research and development

After only one year from the brand acquisition, Torresan moves also the research and development department of Almacabio to Italy. The Italian chemists are among the best prepared in the world and their contribution is crucial to the development of new products, getting more safe and effective.

1998 - Conquering the world

The Almacabio brand and products start being destributed abroad. Even outside Italy, these products are very well received. In 2005, Almacabio conquers significant market share in Spain and Greece, and in 2011, it enters in Eastern Europe.

2011 - Bio C.E.Q. a guarantee for our customers

Almacabio adopts the product specification Bio C.E.Q. for the certification of all products. Bio C.E.Q. is a specification that rigorously controls the composition of each product, ensuring compliance with strict eco-bio-friendliness parameters. Up to 2013, the certification is carried out by the German company ABCert, that then gets replaced by the Bologna-based company C.C.P.B.

2012 - A push to a fairer economy

Almacabio is certified and adheres to the Financial Statements of the Common Welfare Economy. This specification governs the impact of a company on the economy that surrounds it, helping it to play a positive role in the growth and development of the society.

2015 - A new course

Almacabio undertakes a course of strategic and operational marketing. The declared aim is to improve communication and performance of the brand in the market. This new course gives life to a new graphic design for the brand’s products.