Procedural guideline Bio C.E.Q.

Bio C.E.Q. is the procedural guideline we use to certify all our products. It is an innovative standard, that has no analogues in Europe. We are the first company in the detergent industry to adopt Bio C.E.Q. for certifications of our products.

Bio C.E.Q. deals with the ethical, toxicological, environmental, chemical, and compositional aspects, and it offers an objective assessment of the chemical and physical stability of the finished products.

Bio C.E.Q. imposes absolute absence, without derogation, of any ingredient derived from animals, making no distinction between direct and indirect exploitation. It also requires the verification and certification of the absence of animal testing, both at the level of ingredients and at that of finished product.

The coherence with the principles laid out by Bio C.E.Q makes our products safe for those who use them, environmentally sustainable and respectful of every form of life. A guarantee of our commitment to the preservation of the world that we will bequeath to our children.

For more information visit the website of Bio C.E.Q.

Why Bio C.E.Q

We have chosen Bio C.E.Q. for certification of our products because it is the most complete and secure procedural guideline. The analysis model is simple and effective, based on an IN/OUT mechanism that leaves no space for ambiguity that we have seen in other procedural guidelines.

Other procedural guidelines of the industry follow a model based on complex calculations. In these procedures, each ingredient is associated with a “tolerance” value. Thus, a harmful substance may be present in a product certified as “organic” or “sustainable” if in the total of ingredients it does not exceed the expected value.

Bio C.E.Q instead states what may and may not be present in a product that wants to have this certification. Unambiguously. No gray areas. No tolerance of any kind.

Besides, the procedural guideline is open. Namely it is in constant evolution to propose new admissible raw materials to be included in the registry of ingredients. That is the list of raw materials used by companies certified Bio C.E.Q.


C.C.P.B. is a certification body for agri-food and “no food” products made of organic ingredients, environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is based in Bologna and it verifies the compliance of companies that request this, with the Bio C.E.Q. procedural guideline.

Unlike what may happen in other contexts, where the certifying company also plays the controller’s role, those who decide to get certified with the Bio C.E.Q. procedural guideline, is controlled by a third party.

Collusion and shortcuts are not possible. Moreover, given that each control of C.C.P.B. is paid, it is of direct interest of the controlled company to comply with the provisions of the procedural guideline to avoid additional costs.

For more information, see the website of C.C.P.B.