Can you even imagine a life without a washing machine? A life where you had to wash your clothes by hand? And yet, how many times has it happened to you to open the washing machine and the result was not exactly what you expected. With pink shirts that were once white and blotches all over your clothes? To avoid that this happens again, we have put together five tips for you.

Choose the laundry detergent carefully

Liquid detergent or washing powder? What is better for laundry and washing machine? It depends. Washing powder is ideal for washing cotton, white linen and linen made of very strong, resistant fibers. This is because washing powders usually have an aggressive effect. They are designed to remove even the most stubborn stains, such as those of wine or coffee. Even liquid detergents work against any type of dirt, but do so in a different way. They are gentler to the colors. And the fact they do not have to be dissolved first, ensures that you do not have to worry about detergent residues on the clothes or in the dispenser of your washing machine.

Prepare your laundry

To close your eyes and toss everything in the washing machine is not the best strategy to wash your clothes. Take your time to prepare the laundry for washing. Unfold socks and the sleeves of shirts and sweaters, zip up all the zippers and fasten all other fasteners in order to protect your clothes. Also don’t forget to check and empty the pockets of trousers, shirts, slacks and blouses.

Learn to read laundry labels

Those, who remove laundry labels after purchase because they could scratch, make a huge mistake. The wash care symbols on your clothing labels provide special instructions to help you keep your clothes looking their best . Therefore, before getting rid of the label, you should read it carefully. The number on the symbol of a washing machine indicates the maximum washing temperature. If the symbol has a single bar underneath, you should select the mild washing cycle. Double bar means very mild treatment, you need to use a delicate washing cycle and minimum load. If the symbol is crossed, the garment is not suitable for washing, a circle indicates that only dry cleaning is possible.

Sort your laundry carefully

You will need to sort your laundry carefully, if you don’t want your once-bright white shirt to turn pink in the washing machine. Divide your clothes in piles of whites, darks, lights, jeans and delicates. This way you avoid that one garment is going to bleed onto another.

Do not overload your washing machine

Filling your washing machine to the brim is definitely not the best way to get a satisfactory washing result. After all, each washing machine has a maximum capacity that you can best read from the instructions. So do not overload your machine, even if you want to save water or electricity. A second would cost more in any case.

Five tips are probably not enough to satisfy the professionals, but it should be enough for the less experienced among us. And if you want to share some more useful tips with us, leave a comment or write us on Facebook!

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