We have worked on it for several months, and here it is – our new website is finally online. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our new digital home.
We wanted a website that could represent the business entity that we have become, and that would allow us sell effectively our products. The result that we have gained is one of those leaving you satisfied.

In fact, what you are navigating is a website where you can learn all aspects of our company and our products.

An ideal starting point is the section dedicated to the history of Almacabio, where we tell you about the birth and evolution of the company from 1974 up to now.

Once you have learned our history, take a few minutes to discover our philosophy, that reveals the concepts guiding us in our business every day.

From eco-bio-compatibility to the common welfare economy, up to the Bio C.E.Q. procedural guideline. These pages give life to the phrase “earth living” that we have chosen to represent us.

At this point, you can discover our products and visit the online shop to try them personally.

And in case you still have some doubt, you can always contact our customer service for any question and curiosity.

Good surfing!

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